Handoko & Joelle

Dear all,

Just wanted to express our gratitude to all of you for helping us with the buying process of the property on 1/120 Severn St. Box Hill North. The settlement was done yesterday, and even though there were hiccups along the way (missing keys from the vendor – apparently, she didn’t give all the keys to Leo, so we were unable to enter the home), but Leo managed to handle it professionally. He chased her up, took the keys and delivered them to us. He even went the extra mile to tidy up the pile of rubbish the previous owner left on the nature strip. For this we are very grateful. Way to go Lindellas!

Lastly, thank you for the wine too! Our kids love to go to your office because they get to take lollies ha-ha.

Warmest regards, Handoko & Joelle