Evelyn K.

Dear Eric and Dennis,

As a property investor/developer, I have had many dealings with different real estate agents. Quite often, my experience with them is less than positive. The overwhelmingly common process when selling a property is as follows:

‘Butter me up’ with high praises for the property and what great prices they can achieve. Pressure me to sign up so they can be assured of listing their commission.

When the ‘open for inspection’ begins, so will the start of the negative criticism for the property!

I am guessing this is for me to drop the reserved price, followed by a swift transaction that they hoped would occur and then they can move along to the next property/client. I have personally had horror experiences where agents rang me to demand explanations why I didn’t chose them to sell my property or in another case, practically begging for the listing so that he could keep up with his children’s private school fees. I had wondered whose best interest did the agents had in mind in those circumstances.

I am pleased to say that I experienced none of the above from neither of you nor any of your staff at First National Lindellas. Thank you very much for a job well done on selling my property at Barkly Street, Box Hill. I am grateful for the advice you gave me from tips to presenting the property (after it had been rented out for several years) to choosing to go with private sale as opposed to auction. I thank you for keeping me informed throughout the campaign and I have found the entire process to be relatively stress free. I was especially delighted that you managed to sell the property only 3 weeks into the campaign and achieved a price of $30,000 above my expectation. Well done! Just as you managed the sale of the 4 unit development in Dewrang Crescent, Blackburn for me last year which I also found to be extremely satisfactory.

Thank you again to both of you and your team at First National Lindellas. I appreciate your help and have found your agency to be very professional. I would certainly recommend your services to my friends and families.

Yours sincerely, Evelyn K.