Conrad B.

Hi Dennis,

Firstly, it takes a lot to impress me because I tend to judge all suppliers by my own standards. Over the years we have dealt with many real estate agents either when looking at properties (of which there have been hundreds) or during property buy/sell transactions (around two dozen or so) for ourselves and others.

We notice that most agents (not all) generally charge too much and do too little. In my experience, most tend to be uninspired and just stand back and watch the process happen on its own instead of applying effort and getting their hands dirty to improve the outcome. Even though the sale didn’t unfold as planned, you kept thinking, kept strategizing and kept pushing against the odds. That takes guts and determination, and that showed me what you are made of. We would gladly use your services again because we are confident that you know your stuff; you think hard and you put in plenty of effort from the first meeting right through to the signing of the contracts – to maximise the outcome, well done.

Regards, Conrad