Alex P.

It was no surprise why somebody had simply recommended you and your team. In our case we had a large residential property to sell that had been in our family for many years but had decided it was time to move on.

Right from the first meeting, I was confident that I didn’t to go further and look for another agent, this said I did this anyway just to compare, but quickly decided my first choice was my best choice.

Throughout the sales campaign, I was kept up to date at regular intervals and provided with very positive feedback and support at all times. In the end, the home was sold at Auction for a very good price and for what the market was prepared to pay on the day.

I was suitability impressed by the level of experience and knowledge the team had and at all times found them very professional and pleasant to deal with.

In summary, I would thoroughly recommend the agency to any one for a whole lot of reasons and if required, I am happy to be contacted on the number above.